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I said to foolishlittleshark that I couldn’t decided whether to draw free! or Oceanics ….and one thing led to another and well…now we have a free/hetalia au;;;

So here’s how it works!

Haru = Hutt River  //  Makoto = Seborga  //  Nagisa = Nyo!Wy  //  Rei = Sealand

Rin = Australia  //  Sousuke = NZ  //  Nitori = Prussia  //  Momotarou = Denmark

Seijuro = Nyo!Seychelles  //  Gou = Wy

Anonymous 言った: thanks to you, i ship china x england now ! > w <



【ヘタリア】だいたい枢軸まとめ by: いたわさ

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Anonymous 言った: I think that it's great for you to post personal posts. I always like finding out about other people's life's an sending boost message when they feel down because when you're upset you need to be cheered up not brought down by someone asshole anon that doesn't think you deserve to vent to get it out of ur system on yOUR OWN PERSONAL BLOG so honesty fuck them. just keep doing what ur doing Hun you don't deserve to be sad or unhappy but you don't deserve to bottle it up till u explode either.

aww// thanks for the support and thank u!! ^^

Anonymous 言った: Ahh, //throwslove-- ;; <33 Forget that anon, hhh--

\(//∇//)\ thanks!


【aph】まとめ by: 立葵

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